Slim frame patio doors

What style sliding door should I have?

Our Sliding Doors can be configured and designed to fit almost any architectural project.

Available in solutions from 1 panel to an almost endless number for the very biggest openings imaginable.

Panel sizes can be as large as 4m in height or width.

The sliding glass panels allow large sections to be slid back for ventilation and to open out the living space but still achieve slim framing sections when closed, therefore not obstructing the view. With an intersection of 25mm you not only get unobstructed views but great strength.

An opening corner detail can be used where minimal doors are needed to slide away from a corner opening. This can be configured as an inward corner or protruding corner. Sliding doors are designed using a male and female locking section that slide into each other, the lock is then positioned at the corner where the doors are then locked together.

The sliding panels can also be designed to slide into a cavity pocket, this small integral detail can be used to slide the doors into the wall to provide a full 100% opening.

When the sliding glass doors elements slide into cavity pockets the end slider has a cap on the end of the sliding unit which then covers the cavity opening when the sliders are in the open position to stop anything from being able to penetrate the opening.

On spaces where a cavity pocket is not a viable option the sliding glass doors sliding doors can be installed to slide onto the internal or external face of solid walls OR long runs of structural glazing by engineering the same coupling detail for a cavity pocket. Sliding panels onto the external face of buildings means that you can open up the whole opening without the additional building works of creating a cavity wall section to house the sliding panels.

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