Up and Over
Eaves Windows

Up and Over Eaves Windows are 3D structural glass roof light / window that consists of glass in more than one plane, connected with a structural silicone seal. 

Frameless Design

Designed not be seen, the framework is a bespoke design which is allows to be fully concealed behind the internal and external wall finishes.

The seamless window can bring vast amounts of natural daylight to even the most tight of spaces as well as very large areas too.

Maximum Light

Where a vertical panel of glass and horizontal glass panel are to meet MassimoSky can create bespoke and complex structural glass Up and Over Eaves Windows to all manner of sizes and configurations

The option of openings sections in the vertical plane are available and can give the dual purpose of light and air. Perfect for landing spaces, bedroom or hallways.

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At MassimoSky, we understand that to fully appreciate the impact glazing can have on your home you need to get an idea of how it will actually look. 

Even at quote stage we can take photos or sketches of your home and super-impose the windows so you can really see the impact our products will have. Even in this current time, we can do this with photos provided by you, we can add in the images of the products and you can see the transformation. 

With every order, we produce CAD drawings and where possible 3D models. To ensure every tiny detail is perfect. 

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