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THE ultra slim sliding door range

Minimalist design for the clean lines, transparency for maximum light. Minimal frame brings maximum glass. 

MassimoSky is pleased to bring to you the 25mm Sightlines of the Aluminium Sliding Patio Door by Cortizo and the Frameless Total Glass Sliding Patio Door by Piavevtro. 

Sophisticated minimalist design creates a light and airy ambience. 

material TYPES:

Aluminium Slim Frame Sliding Doors

Total Glass Minimal Frame Sliding Doors


Whatever type of property you live in, there’s a MassimoSky sliding door solution. The Aluminium Slim Frame Sliding Doors, for example, delivers wide, uninterrupted views thanks to fully concealed frames and a very slim interlock, 25mm. Door leaves glide effortlessly on concealed rollers.

Large-size versions are perfect for floor-to-ceiling glazing, with optional electronic operation as another MassimoSky plus.

There’s a 90° open corner option and pockets for 100% opening. No-trip level thresholds keep out the rain and provide easy access.

And there’s multi-point locking to give complete peace of mind.


Combining the finest design with the latest technology , TOTAL GLASS is the perfection among all glass sliding door and window systems. Style, secureness, precision and comfort are the focus of TOTAL GLASS that represents the refine point of conjunction between Architecture and Light.

The frame disappears and the space becomes a fluid experience where the inside meets and blends with the outside.

TOTAL GLASS system meets the needs and wishes of architects and customers, thanks to a wide versatility in materials, finishings and dimensions, preserving the tradition and the quality hallmarks of whole production by Piavevetro.

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