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The Total Glass Minimal Sliding Door has the smallest sightlines of any on the UK market today. The Glass covers the complete face of both the inside and outside and provides a crisp and clean appearance. 

Minimal Sightlines

You will see companies offering 18-25mm frame sizes, ours is 3mm! Thanks to the face of the panels being totally glass we can offer such small profiles. Our total glass minimal sliding doors are probably the most sophisticated available on the market today. Air and watertight, these sliding patio doors are reliable and functional. Providing a variety of options and opportunities while opening up your space.

Maximum Light

Our doors can go up to 18m² per panel (400kg) so you really can maximum light in any room. With no aluminium framing spoiling the view you can maximise the glass area for maximum light.

Optimum Design

As well as having Triple Glazing as standard, the outer frame is made from GRP. GRP is 250 times less thermally conductive than aluminium. So we have the smallest frames, the most thermally efficient and to top it off we have a track system which is designed to keep the rollers clean and in optimum condition.

Total Glass Sliding System

A all-glass panel, sliding or fixed it has a triple glazed unit with a U Value of 0.4 W/m2K. B the aluminium channel, running all around the window frame, it contains the structure on the two sides and above, the rolling parts and water drains on the bottom. C structural parts made of GRP (insulating, fire resistant, durable, 100% recyclable, water/sun/warm proof, splinter free, color resistant, extruded material) D the track is the conveyor system, made of two aluminium profiles, Teflon rollers (up to 400 Kg/lm load capacity) and the covering belt.


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