The Old Mill, Ludham

The Old Mill in Ludham is modern luxury with a nod to the past. Incorporating the wonderful old Windmill and joining to the newly built, light infused home.  

Glazing Design: WT Design & MassimoSky

Installation: MassimoSky

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The Concept

The design team at WT Design Ltd put forward the adjacent proposal which aims to appreciate and protect the existing mill tower, ensuring that this holds the focus in the design whilst creating a beautiful family home.

This challenging concept was overcome by respecting existing materials and the natural environment, through a light spacious design which responds to its existing context.

All about light

One of the biggest challenges in respect to the glazing design was the gable end due to the opening being a massive 3.8m tall!

All of our competitors wanted to add horizontal bars (transoms) into the window design, which would have added a heavier framework and interrupted the clean lines of the overall architectural design.

We managed to design this in a single piece of glass, maximising the glass area to full effect, The glass unit weighed in at a whopping 395kg!!

I think you will agree, it was worth the effort.

Up & Over - Part 1

Another key part of the design was the 7 'Up & Over' Eaves Windows.

In the main hallway, running along the stairs is 3 large Up & Over Windows. The largest being over 3m tall.

Our bespoke design allows the framework to be fully concealed, producing these stunning 'slots' of glass that dissect the building.

The join between the vertical piece of glass and the roof section is created for minimal obstruction to light, a 5mm structural silicone join with our own secret design!

Up & Over - Part 2

On one elevation is 4 of these type of windows that had to incorporate a Top Hung Aluminium Window in the vertical section.

Again, a detail that was extremely taxing for the competitors.

Our own bespoke in-house design worked perfectly. The roof section is a custom 'frameless' structure which when the wall finishes are complete will be totally concealed for the ultimate in clean lines.

This roof section sits neatly onto the head of the vertical window, giving a sleek finish.

Building Constraints

A common problem with Architectural Glazing is ventilation and its requirement for Building Regulations.

This is a bugbear of ours, as we aim to design ultra clean lines with minimal frame but we then have to stick in chunky and frankly ugly Trickle Vents.

We worked closely with WT Design and Building Control and proposed a pair of our Concealed Handle Windows in a Tilt Only configuration either side of the sexy glass link.

This means the windows can be opened allowing a flow of fresh air through the top of the window whilst being fully secure.

Don't disrupt the view!

The original design shows the large living area door as a 4 panel sliding door with quite thick sight lines.

We proposed changing this to our Slide20 Sliding Door system, using just 3 panels and sight lines of just 20mm!

The outer frame is to be fully concealed to really maximise the glass area.....and that view!

The Mill Ludham

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