Slim Frame Windows


SLIM frame aluminium windows

Our Aluminium minimal frame windows are designed for minimal sightlines. From the small profile to  the concealed handles. 

The Tilt and Turn Window is the first in the world to have the ingenious concealed Handle System.

Minimal Sightlines

Our slim framed aluminium windows have been designed specifically to meet the needs of UK households.

The unique and expertly engineered window system offers homeowners and developers the perfect combination of exceptionally slim line window frames and the highest levels of performance.

Maximum Light

Using our experience of fenestration design, we work with you to ensure the windows are part of the house and not just filling a hole!

With clever design we can conceal the outer frame within the building envelope to provide frameless glass solutions.

Optimum Design

The Slim Frame Sash system we use is a stunning window with slender profiles. With a visible profile of only 66mm which maximizes the glazing surface and allows light to flood into any room.

As the aluminium window profile is so slim it allows up to 85% visible glazing area.

Maximum Sky

The modern concept of our slim frame window – one of Le Corbusier’s proposed five points for a new architecture – seeks to maximise the spans and openings of rooms to light and landscape: the window is converted into a large “screen”.

Technical Detail

» Maximum glazing thickness
40 mm

» Opening possibilities
Open inwards:
Side hung, turn & tilt of 1 or 2 sashes, tilt & parallel, bottom hung

» Sections
Frame – 70 mm / Sash – 70 mm

» Profile thickness
Window 1,9 mm

» Polyamide strip length
35 mm

» Maximum dimensions/sash

Width (L) = 1.300 mm
Height (H) = 2.400 mm
Standard solution

Width (L) = 1.200 mm
Height (H) = 3.500 mm
Cortizo Hinges HD Side Hung

» Maximum weight/sash
160 Kg


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