PVC Flush Windows

PVC flush sash windows look great in any surrounding, whether they are being installed into a modern townhouse or country cottage. Blending seamlessly with the property aesthetic they have slim line sightlines and sit flush within the frames without any unsightly lumps or bumps. 

Super Energy Efficient A++

Perfect for Conservation

PAS 24 High Security for peace of mind

Super Efficient

Compared with aluminium or wood, uPVC windows are low maintenance, have better insulation values and are able to reduce energy and heating costs. Our flush sash windows combine energy efficiency with comfortable and affordable living. A high quality set of windows improves quality of life considerably.

Perfect for Conservation

Flush external contours are in keeping with period properties and also meet the requirements of most conversation officers. You’d need to check with a local planning/conservation officer to confirm this before installation. The flush sash windows provide a brilliant solution for homeowners that are conscious about conservation.

Sound Proof

Glazing options that we provide maximise energy efficiency as well as reducing noise pollution from entering your home. We offer a vast range of glass effects available which make a huge impact on the appearance of a property. You can opt for toughened or laminated glass for extra safety and security on your flush sash windows.

Safe and Secure

For total peace of mind, our PVC flush sash windows come with multi-point locking as standard. Safety is an integral feature for all homeowners and we put it at the forefront of our window profile design to ensure a safe and secure property as well as a robust and resilient product.

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At MassimoSky, we understand that to fully appreciate the impact glazing can have on your home you need to get an idea of how it will actually look. 

Even at quote stage we can take photos or sketches of your home and super-impose the windows so you can really see the impact our products will have. Even in this current time, we can do this with photos provided by you, we can add in the images of the products and you can see the transformation. 

With every order, we produce CAD drawings and where possible 3D models. To ensure every tiny detail is perfect. 

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