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Technology & Design

MassimoSky is proud to bring to the UK from Italy, ADL Interior Doors. ADL doors are pure technology. In other words, starting from the devices up to the materials, every construction detail is conceived and designed to over achieve. Therefore always evolving with innovative products. Everything is designed to create the best door and therefore nothing is left to chance. The sliding of the doors becomes more and more fluid. The noise of the trolley on the tracks more and more silent. The various increasingly practical openings. Glass and aluminum, highly technological and innovative materials, represent the raw materials used by ADL for its products. The frame 

made entirely in aluminum, it is light but at the same time solid and long-lasting. Above all it gives the door a technical appearance that is perfectly bonded with the glass plate. In summary this helps to isolate sounds and odors, and based on the chosen finish allows you to adjust the brightness of the environment. Above all, the company is in continuous research and experimentation in the field of design and has a high capacity for customization. In conclusion, every shape, material, finish and color is designed and used to create a precise project. In which design does not prevail over technology but joins it coexisting within the ADL product.

MassimoSky Pivot Doors
MassimoSky Interior Doors
MassimoSky Interior Sliding Doors

Reliability & Warranty

The extruded aluminum profiles are always sized in abundance in thickness to ensure maximum strength and durability. The doors, even if of large dimensions, run silent and safe, supported by trolleys with large bearing capacity. The self-braking device and the particular antisbandare infuse further safety and reliability. The multiple adjustments and dimensional tolerances allow easy installation in any environment. 
Every construction detail (hinges, lock supports, die-cast spacers) is carefully designed to make the final product safe and reliable.

Similarly the continuous tests carried out on ADL products confirm the maintenance of the perfect functionality of the doors and the components used. For instance the peek for the rotation of the hinged doors that does not wear over time. Even the glass used offers security and guarantee, as tempered and / or stratified, and certified by the manufacturers.

MassimoSky Interior Doors
MassimoSky Interior Doors


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