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Take a look at the beautiful range of  interior doors. The interior door styles offer a solution for every need. Above all, the clean lines and attention to detail make this such a attractive solution.


The Quadra collection combines technical rigor with minimal aesthetics. The door frame is characterised by a square section profile (36mm wide and 38mm deep) with a central glass pane. It is designed to achieve large panels up to 7 square meters .


The Mitica collection is characterised by its sleek and minimal aluminum profile. It houses the glass centrally and by the slim profile with 18 × 36 mm uprights and 36 × 36 mm crosspieces. Therefore, thanks to the ingenious design & technology, Mitica doors are available in all types of opening.


The Line collection is a based on the Mitica range however, it incorporates aluminum crossbars applied to both sides of the glass. Customisable by position, direction and pitch. They allow the creation of different aesthetic configurations able to respond to different stylistic and design requirements.


The Officina collection re-proposes the unmistakable aesthetic of the Industrial Crittall style. The use of the aluminium profile creates the traditional grid patterns. In other words it replicates the Art Deco style previously created in steel. 


The Piana collection is characterised by a door with an aluminum frame enclosed between a double glazed unit. This design detail gives the door a box-like volume whilst being perfectly flush with the frame. Therefore, making it suitable for the most sought-after environments.


The Materica collection allows the creation of doors in which the aluminum frame accommodates multiple materials. From stone to metal foil to porcelain stoneware and ceramics. In conclusion this is a door that, if inserted on a material wall, becomes an integral part of the architecture. 


In the Style collection the deep aluminum frame (60 mm) and the double glass plate are worked with a 45 ° joint for a perfect union of the two materials. In other words this detail gives the door a monolithic aesthetic ideal for an innovative transparent flush opening.


Light is the “invisible” collection. A glass plate that through an innovative system flows inside the architectural space. 
For instance, by eliminating the visual impact of the frame Light guarantees maximum transparency, aesthetic cleanliness and brightness.


The ALA collection is based on a design of thick wood (60 mm). The result is large movable wings integrated into the walls that house them. In conclusion, combined with the possibility of making large openings makes it in effect a part of a self-propelled wall.


Visually slim, produced by the wooden panel with a thickness of 38 mm. The volume of the wooden panel, in some of the opening types, is completed with the presence of the aluminum jamb. Similarly, its formal simplicity allows it to integrate in a balanced way with the surrounding volumes, making it suitable for any type of environment.


Mies is a minimal screen that divides spaces into different but at the same time connected spaces. The transparency of the continuous glass wall gives life to environments where visibility and the passage of light are never limited. At the same time, it is an excellent element for sound insulation and the interruption of air passages. 

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