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Take a look at the beautiful range of interior doors. The interior door opening types offer a solution for every need. Above all, the clean lines and attention to detail make this such a attractive solution.

Sliding Interior Doors

The Sliding Door system is a great solution if traditional hinged doors take up too much room. With slim minimal frames and concealed handles, there really do add a high class touch to any room. 

Pocket Sliding Interior Doors

The Pocket Sliding Door system is a wonderful space saving solution. Hinged doors can impact on a room’s free space but with a Pocket Sliding Interior Door you can slid the door away out of sight. 

Bifolding Interior Doors

The Bifolding Interior Doors are great for large clear openings. The tracks can be fully concealed for the cleanest of looks. Available Available in the ever so trendy Art Deco Crittall style. 

Pivot Interior Doors

Pivot opening system can be centred or offset. The system is integrated in the frame to keep the clean lines.  This allows the door to be opened in both directions, stopping automatically when closing and with a 90-degree doorstop.

Swing Interior Doors

The Swing Interior Doors are a modern twist on the classic hinged doors. Available to be opened in 90, 120 or 180 degree solutions. The wall flush jamb is available to get a great look with brick or plasterboard walls. 

Flush Swing Interior Doors

The Flush Swing Door, or Filomuro, is designed to site perfectly flush with the wall finish. This eradicates the need for old fashioned architrave and skirting for the optimum clean look. 

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