Infinity Rooflights

MassimoSky are proud to offer Infinity Rooflights; our unique frameless, architectural skylight. 

This boutique rooflight comes with a floating top glass pane and lovely curved outer profile. Clients can choose the colour of the frame to complement existing or new glazed elements.

We think the unique MassimoSky frameless flat roof window design dovetails nicely with our industry-leading architectural windows and doors.

Extra Thick 10mm Outer Pane with polished edges as Standard

Heat soak tested glass helps prevent spontaneous breakage

An Industry Leading Lifetime Guarantee for added peace of mind

Beauty by Design

With a new modern twist on the already popular Flat Glass Rooflight, the Infinity Rooflight brings a unique floating top glass panel.

The Extra Thick 10mm polished edge outer pane creates an 'infinity' overhang much like an Infinity Swimming Pool.

Therefore, as the structural silicone is not exposed to the elements it will naturally last much longer.

Safety & Security

Due to the design and construction of the rooflight, with its 10mm outer as standard and its infinity glass edge, the Infinity Rooflights come with a lifetime guarantee.

All Infinity Rooflights come with 'Easy Clean' glass coating for minimal maintenance and maximum enjoyment.

Built to Last

The lifetime guarantee reflects the confidence we have in the contemporary glass rooflight’s long term performance and reliability. We are the only rooflight supplier to offer this level of protection to the purchaser.

Take a look at the competition and see who else offers a 10mm outer as standard?


- Triple glazed infinity rooflights with krypton gas
- Toughened/laminated high security glass
- Toughened laminated acoustic glass
- Solar control glass
- Low iron glass for extra clear glazing
- Blue, green, bronze and grey tint options
- Satin 'privacy' glass

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With every order, we produce CAD drawings and where possible 3D models. To ensure every tiny detail is perfect. 

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