RAL Colour Aluminium Windows

How RAL Colour Charts Can Help You Colour Your Windows and Doors

"The RAL Classic colour selection is a collection containing 215 colours"

Read our guide to RAL Colour Charts.

When completing a high-end build project, state-of-the-art, stylish and modern aluminium windows and doors can be the perfect options to complement any building. 

Our extensive offering of minimal frame, bespoke aluminium windows, along with our designer aluminium doors, can be provided in hundreds of different eye-catching RAL colours that can meet any design requirement and configuration for your project.

However, when deciding on what to do with your windows and doors, choosing the perfect colour for your home or building project is essential. They can be difficult to do when there are hundreds of options on the table. This is where the RAL colour chart becomes your most trusted piece of equipment.

What is an RAL colour chart?

For almost 100 years, RAL has been setting the standard for defining paints and coatings around the world. What started with just 40 of the most commonly used paint colours in daily life has developed and evolved over the last century. Becoming a standardised RAL chart with 2,328 colours available to be used in a wide variety of trades and lifestyles.

The RAL colour chart is most likely the chart referred to and used by manufacturers when they receive orders for custom coloured window and door frames. This is because it is the most commonly used colour standard across Europe when matching powder coatings for aluminum frames, as well as for other plastics, paints and varnishes.

Powder Coating of Windows and Doors

Powder coating finishes are the preferred finishes for aluminium frames in building projects due to the protective qualities that they provide. An anodised frame will not only require more maintenance, but question marks will also hang over the longevity of anodised frames. Whereas with powder-coated aluminium, these concerns are put to rest.

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There are a number of different categories that define RAL colour types, but the most commonly used is RAL Classic. Some of the other RAL categories are

  • RAL F9
  • RAL Design
  • RAL Effect
  • RAL Digital

The RAL Classic colour selection is a collection containing 215 colours, none of which are business-specific or subject to fashion trends. The collection itself was formed due to industry requirements. All colours within the Classic collection contain just 4-digit codes to identify them. 

Industry professionals are more than familiar with the 4-digit codes that come with RAL classic colours. They have realised quickly that the first digit of the serialisation is likely to determine the colour.

RAL Classic shade codes:

  • RAL 1XXX Yellow 
  • RAL 2XXX Orange 
  • RAL 3XXX Red 
  • RAL 4XXX Purple 
  • RAL 5XXX Blue
  • RAL 6XXX Green 
  • RAL 7XXX Grey 
  • RAL 8XXX Brown 
  • RAL 9XXX Black and white

RAL 3 would be used to reference the colour red, whereas RAL 3024 would bring a luminous red shade.

Benefits of choosing powder coated finishes

Not only does powder coating come in a vast array of stylish colours, but it’s also incredibly durable and easy to maintain compared to liquid paint.

One of the main draws of powder coating finishes is that it’s impressively resistant to chemicals, corrosion, weather and other things that can damage the finish and require costly maintenance. For up to 20 years, a powder-coated finish will remain stylish and will continue to complement the build that it is part of.

Powder coatings are also extremely environmentally friendly compared to other methods of colouring frames. The materials and entirely reusable and recyclable, and the powder itself also does not produce harmful chemicals into the environment. 

The up-front costs of powder coated finishes can be off-putting to many customers. However, due to the long-lasting durability of the coatings, it will result in significant cost savings over time.

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