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How do I get a glazing quote?

Looking for a glazing quote? Want some idea of the cost of windows, doors, rooflights? Swamped in  quotes from loads of suppliers? Fancy a quote from a single glazing supplier who can cover everything? How lovely does that sound? MassimoSky loves to help people.

Unlike so many other glazing companies we take great pleasure in talking about your project. We appreciate that it is a really big event for you. That a hard sell is not what people want or appreciate.

This is why we offer a Free Design Consultation service. Bring in your Architects or Planning drawings. Any images or design inspiration you have. We will chat over a coffee to see how we can make your ideas a reality.

If it helps you can send the drawings to us via email at [email protected] and we can prepare a few options and complete the design consultation via email, phone or video call.

What do I need to send for a glazing quote?

All the information that we need is normally found on these drawings and it is the simplest way to understand the scope of the works.

If you do not have architectural or planning drawings to send to us you can send sketches with dimensions or written accounts of what glazing is required.

Our main objective is to give you the closest solution to your design ideas. We then work together to tweak this to achieve a solution which works for building regulations and more importantly, your budget.

With our extensive portfolio of products, we have the ability and knowledge to offer solutions for your whole project. A one-stop shop for everything on your build. Tick off more than one box on your to-do list, therefore, allowing us to take that stress away.

Contact us today for your FREE glazing quote

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