Design without compromise. Old Mill Conversion Norfolk

When we were first approached by the architect who designed this conversion at the Old Mill, we were flattered to be asked to work on such an awesome project, but we were even more flattered to find out it was his home! 

We pride ourselves on being a design lead company, so getting to work on such an elegantly designed house build has fit us perfectly. 

This has been by far our toughest challenge to date, mainly due to supply chain issues, which seems to be effecting everyone. But we never gave up and continued to battle away and we are pleased to have finished this project!

The most impressive part of this design is easily the 4m gable! The client asked if it was possible to do in one piece of glass, as no one else could do it. For us and our team of design and install experts, it was no problem! We’re thrilled our client didn’t need to compromise their vision in finishing this project. 

The reflections from the scenery around are beautiful as you’ve seen, and the fact we were asked to complete this by local architects WT Design makes it even more special. 

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