Court Six

Court Six. Built on a former Tennis Court, hence the name. A seriously cool family home for a seriously cool family.  

Tucked away from the road, this unusual plot has been maximised by the ultra creative use of light, space and colour. Light floods through the home, making every corner of the house feel alive. A wonderful example of contemporary design,

Glazing Design: MassimoSky

Installation: MassimoSky

Frameless Rooflight

Our Infinity Rooflights sit proudly upon the roof of this wonderful home.

12.8mm Toughened laminated glass, heat soak tested and solar control to provide strength, security and reduce the heat during the summer months.

All about light

With the largest rooflight, 2000x1000mm situated above the Neon Yellow Staircase, this really makes a bold statement. Not just in colour but the volume of light flooding in.

The plaster taken right up to the glass to provide uninterrupted views of the sky above.

Room with a view

Another really clever use of one of our Infinity Rooflights.

Located in the bathroom, to flood the room with lashings of bright natural light.

Seriously Cool

The invisible rooflights and frameless staircase balustrades are met with the vibrancy of the neon stairs and the intelligent use of coloured lights to at warmth and personality to a clean and minimalist building.

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