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What to think about when Buying Architectural Glazing

In the world of architectural glazing and minimal frame glazing, it can be a minefield for homeowners. So much choice, so much technical information, piles and piles of drawings and sections…..the list is endless.

This is why at MassimoSky we aim to take away this stress and hassle. We understand the key points for a potential client are budget, appearance, and function. The rest we take care of, we breakdown the techie stuff and give our clients the details that matter most to them. We offer the very best in aluminium windows and sliding glass doors.


How do I get Architectural Glazing into the holes?

The products you pick and their design is only the tip of the iceberg. Due to the minimal tolerances available from glass, the installation is almost as important as anything that comes before this.

  • Who will be installing your architectural glazing?
  • How is your glazing going to be installed?
  • What lifting equipment is needed?
  • Who is going to provide that lifting equipment?
  • Do I need road closures for cranes etc?

These may sound like pointless questions but their answers will have a great impact on the efficiency and smooth running of your project.

MassimoSky installs 90% of the projects that are sold annually. As part of the complete site survey, we produce CAD drawings showing installation details, any Health & Safety Issues that have been spotted and highlight if lifting equipment might be needed.

We work closely with National Lifting Companies, who attend site to do thorough and extensive surveys to provide reports on which lifting equipment is best for each individual project. A detailed quote is then provided accordingly.


Understanding The Works

A big issue when comparing and contrasting quotations for glazing is a misunderstanding of what is required and the quotation of below standard glass specifications.

  • Have you been provided with a clear definition of the scope of understood works?
  • Has your glazing contractor produced a detailed quotation, itemised?
  • What specification of glass will be used?
  • What additional costs will be involved and have they been detailed and explained?

MassimoSky produces detailed quotations for every project priced. Full descriptions of the proposed installations are included within the quotation to avoid any potential issues. The quote is clearly broken down by item, identified and described.

We will always supply a detailed description of glass specifications to be used with an indicative thermal performance. We can also advise on the use of specialist glass coatings or finishes if required.

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