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At MassimoSky we really care what our Customers need which is why we write our blog posts.. 

This means we try to make anything to do with glazing as easy as possible. 

To help with this we write many blog posts to help with clarify the technical terms, give advice and provide design ideas. 

Anti Slip Glass for Walk On Glass Floor and Rooflights

What is Anti Slip Glass? Let us explain what Anti Slip Glass really is. Glass can become slippery…

How do I get a glazing quote?

Looking for a glazing quote? Want some idea of the cost of windows, doors, rooflights? Swamped in  quotes…

What is minimal glazing?

The current world of architecture and design, efforts are split into two main areas of focus: innovating, and…

Do we need planning permission

Some house extensions and renovations can be made to houses without planning permission. This is known as Permitted…

Is Triple Glazing Worth It?

Welcome to the latest blog by Massimosky. We are often asked about Triple Glazing and is it worth…

What to think about when Buying Architectural Glazing

In the world of architectural glazing and minimal frame glazing, it can be a minefield for homeowners. So…

What style sliding door should I have?

Our Sliding Doors can be configured and designed to fit almost any architectural project. Available in solutions from…


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