Balustrades and Juliet Balconies …a system of floor profiles and innovative clamping solutions for innumerable applications. This does not sound as sexy as it actually looks. 

You can give our system your look and combine it just as the fancy takes you: profiles, glass clamps and adapters with different handrails from aluminium, stainless steel and wood.

National & International safety standards are guaranteed 

Finishes to match glazing products for discrete fixing details 

Endless possibilities, options and solutions. 


It is the first practically invisible system application. But what is even better: It is the best and most cost-effective system application on the market.

There is no system which can be mounted easier and quicker. This saves you unnecessary frustration and gives you valuable additional time and profit potential.


The TL-3010 F-profile – one of the most powerful products in the 1.0 kN application range. The model is very well suited for balconies and terraces – it enables an especially small edge distance and therefore gains valuable additional space on the deck itself.

Moreover, this system is ideally suited for new installations under screed. Of course, the relevant distances between drill holes have been taken into account.


If water and cold combine, this can lead to problems when using all-glass balustrades. For this purpose, all Massimo glass support profiles are equipped with drainage holes with a distance of 1000 mm between each of them.

Depending on the season, the balustrade can be subject to the most different influences (e.g.:leaves, sand, dirt).

Perfect Solution

- Juliet (juliette) or French balcony systems are the first practically invisible system. No system can be mounted easier or more quickly.

- The system can be mounted directly onto the window frame or masonry and can cover one width size with only one profile, making powder coating easy if required. It is the best and most cost-effective application on the market.

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With every order, we produce CAD drawings and where possible 3D models. To ensure every tiny detail is perfect. 

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