ARChitectural STRUCTuRAL glass

MassimoSky will work with you to bring any architectural glass or Structural Glass design concept to reality. Take a look at some examples and contact us for a free design consultation. 

Architectural Glass, Architectural Glass

Minimal Sightlines

Structural Glass can be understated or brilliant, subtle or complex, it can serve a purpose or make a real statement. Popular choices are glass box extensions, glass links, eaves glazing, frameless corners or ridge glazing designs.

Architectural Glass, Architectural Glass

Maximum Light

Do you have something in mind? When it comes to architectural glazing, we don’t see problems, we see solutions.

Our approach is to listen to what you want to achieve, use our experience and knowledge to provide solutions and tinker until we get something that not only looks and works right but is also sensitive to your budget constraints.

Architectural Glass, Architectural Glass

Architectural Glass or Structural Glass?

You might be wondering what the difference is between Architectural Glass and Structural Glass. In theory, there is no difference.

Normally Structural Glass will be anything that uses the strength of the glass itself to create a structure.

Many forms of 'Architectural' Glass use the exact same principals in structural form therefore they are one and the same.

Architectural Glass, Architectural Glass

Maximum Sky

Frameless glazing is most frequently used to offer unobstructed views of the home’s surroundings.

As one architect put it, the idea is that the frame does not get in the way of the views so the occupants can live as part of the landscape rather than locked away in a house with small windows and entirely cocooned from the world outside.


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